Professorial Chair Lecture

July 22, 2023 Professorial Lecture of

Dr. Agnes M. Brazal

Br. Andelino Manuel Castillo, FSC

Chair in Religious Studies


“Asian Women’s Participation in the Synodal Process”

Lecture Abstract:

The principle of participation in Catholic Social Teaching affirms everyone’s right to play a role in the economic, political, and cultural life of society. This paper aims to respond to the following questions: How has the synodal process contributed to the development of the principle of participation in Catholic Social Teaching? To what extent has this opened up a space for Asian women’s participation in the church and the recognition of their concerns? What are its strengths and limitations?
For its methodology, the paper relies on Asian women theologians from Southeast, East, and South Asia as informed respondents and in related synodal and other documents. The theologians were participants in diocesan/national/Asian synodal consultations, international surveys, and discussions on the synod.

This will be held via Zoom Meeting from 3:30Pm – 5:30PM Philippine Time.

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